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Meet Opal

Your Best Banking Experience, Re-imagined

Meet Opal

OnPath FCU’s Interactive Teller Machine

As part of our continued efforts to bring the best possible banking experience to ALL of our members, OnPath FCU is introducing a new, more convenient way to handle your transactions.  Meet Opal.  OnPath’s Automated Liaison.

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    Meet Opal

    OnPath Federal Credit Union's Automated Teller Machine

To help with the introduction of this state-of-the art technology, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: What is that new ATM?

A: Great Question. It's not an ATM, it's an ITM, an Interactive Teller Machine. We call her Opal, which stands for OnPath Automated Liaison.

Q:Do I have to use the ITM? I prefer a person to help me.

A: We would love for you to use it today and share your feedback with us. Our team members will be there to help you as much as you would like, or as little while you get to know Opal.  You can also press the help button and, during business hours, a live agent can assist you.

Q:What transactions can I do myself?

You can access any account that is tied to your debit card. With your debit card you can deposit up to 50 checks, 55 bills in cash... all in the same transaction. You can withdraw money in denominations of $100, $20, $5 and $1. You can cash a check against your account if you have funds available. And you can speak to a live agent when you press the help button.

 In the future you will be able to:

  • Get Cash advances from your credit cards
  • Pay loans
  • Get more access to your accounts via Opal

Q: Where will you place the Opal machines?

By February 2022, Opal will be at every branch.

 Q:  Are these machines taking jobs away from real people?

A:  Absolutely not!  Our commitment to a better banking experience for our members includes our human team members.  In fact, we have created new roles specifically focused for operating Opal that include our live Agents.  Opal will allow our team members in branches more time to focus on the complex financial situations in your life.

Q:  Is Opal secure and private?  What if someone hears my account number when I’m giving it to an agent?

A:  Great Question!  Yes, Opal is secure and private. The machine has been designed so that your body blocks the screen where your financial information appears.  Additionally, each screen is fitted with a special filter that makes reading the screen impossible unless you are staring right at it head on. Plus, you no longer must tell us your account number verbally; you will either use your OnPath debit card or the secure keypad to begin your transaction.

Q:  How do I start a transaction? 

A:  You can simply use your OnPath debit card and PIN as you normally would.

Q:  Does Opal accept coins?  What do I do if I need to deposit or withdraw coins?

A:  Opal does not dispense or receive coins.  If you need to deposit coins, you’ll need to use the coin counter in the branch.