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Wise Choice Checking

Manage your money with ease

Wise Choice Checking

To manage your money with ease, you need a checking account that meets your unique needs. If you’re over 50, a regular checking account may not cut it anymore. Instead, you may benefit from maintaining a senior checking account, such as the Wise Choice Checking account offered by OnPath Federal Credit Union.

What are Senior Checking Accounts?

A senior checking account offers perks for people who are in or nearing retirement. As you may expect, this means that applicants must meet a minimum age requirement to qualify. At OnPath Federal Credit Union, you must be 50 or over.


Like a Regular Checking account, Wise Choice Checking is free to use, no matter your balance. There are also no limits on the number of withdrawals or deposits you can make. You’ll receive a debit card just like a Regular Checking account as well, which you can use at the ATM and for making in-person and online purchases.

What You Should Look for in a 50+ Checking Account

What should you look for when reviewing free checking accounts for seniors? First, you should think about your own banking habits. Do you often go in person, or do you prefer to use online resources? Do you frequently make purchases with a card, or do you prefer to write out a check when possible? Once you’ve determined your preferences, look for an account that accommodates them.

The Benefits of Wise Choice Checking at OnPath FCU

At OnPath Federal Credit Union, we’re dedicated to providing the best customer service, no matter how you interact with us. That’s why our online and mobile portals are easy to use and include perks such as:

  • Text and email alerts and notifications
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Online bill pay

Additionally, our Wise Choice Checking Accounts offer dividends so you can earn money while you bank. With a balance of at least $1,000, you can earn an APY of 0.25%.

This account also provides many of the same perks as our Regular Checking:

  • Overdraft protection
  • Check writing
  • Free funds transfers


How to Apply for a Wise Choice Checking Account Today

Opening a Wise Choice Checking account is incredibly easy. The opening deposit is only $25, and those funds then become available for you to use.

At OnPath Federal Credit Union, we’re dedicated to helping members find the right account for their goals. If you have any questions or are interested in applying for a deposit account, our staff are happy to help. You can apply online or reach us at 800-749-6193 or contact us online.


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