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About Our Visa® Credit Cards

Credit cards are an essential financial tool for anyone’s wallet; they allow you to make payments over time to avoid breaking the bank. Of course, once you’ve decided to find a credit card, you have to figure out what type to apply for. There are many different options, all of which offer their own benefits.

Here at OnPath Federal Credit Union, we can provide our members with a Visa Platinum card. Compared to the Visa Classic, Platinum cards have higher spending limits, which means you can make larger purchases. We offer five different types of Visa Platinum cards to help you find the credit option that best fits your needs.

Platinum Secured Visa

The Platinum Secured Visa is the perfect choice for anyone who has bad credit or no history. Rather than having an open line of credit without the need for collateral, which is the case with most cards, the Platinum Secured Visa requires a security deposit before you can start making purchases. Your limit is equal to the deposit, which you’ll lose if you default.

The security deposit mitigates some of the risks for lenders, allowing you to get a credit card where you would otherwise be denied. Because of this, a secured card is a great way to start repairing your credit.

Platinum Rewards Visa

If you want to get the most out of your card, then the Platinum Rewards Visa may be for you. Rewards cards let you earn points depending on your purchasing amounts; you can then spend these points on gifts, cashback, and other perks. If you frequently use your credit card and pay off the balance each month, you can get the full benefits of this Rewards Visa.

Platinum Student Visa

Applying for a credit card may seem like a catch-22 since you need good credit to get approved, but you can’t build credit until you have a card. College students often fall into this category, as they’re just starting their financial lives and may not have any credit history yet. The Platinum Student Visa is designed specifically for students, which means you get low-interest rates and a reasonable limit.

Platinum Low Rate Visa

You’ve likely spent years paying on time, not overspending, and staying on top of bills, which has created a strong credit history — now all that work can pay off in the form of a Platinum Low Rate Visa. This card has a lower interest rate than average, which means you save money every payment.

Platinum Signature Visa

The Platinum Signature Visa is for members who are looking for a full package of benefits. As a cardholder, you get access to the following:

  • Visa Signature concierge
  • Year-end spending summary
  • Travel and emergency assistance
  • Extended warranty protection
  • Amazing world wide travel rewards and cashback

All of this is included, in addition to the benefits with the Traditional Visa package.

How to Apply

Get a quick decision, securely and easier when you apply online.