OnPath Credit Union

Fleur De Lily Rivertown Café


When Richard Molina married his wife Lilian and had her move to the United States from their native Honduras, he had no idea she was an accomplished Pastry chef. "My wife, when I married her, I didn't know she knew how to do all these things. I'm an engineer but when I asked her what she wanted to do, she said she wanted to open her own business," states Molina, Manager, and Owner of Fleur De Lily Rivertown Café. They opened their business in 2013 and spent 3 years in a rented commercial space in Williams Boulevard. However, in 2016, their landlord raised the rent. "Our landlady wanted to raise the lease by $850.00. It was too much, we were not in business to be working for her so we decided to close the shop and look for alternatives," Richard explains.

According to Richard, finding a source of business financing was an easy decision, "We knew about OnPath Federal Credit Union from businesses, so when we decided to move we were ready." The OnPath Federal Business lending team helped the Molinas out in many aspects of their commercial loan. Richard Molina says OnPath Federal Credit Union’s lending process provided a streamlined and easy way to secure funds. Richard states, "The interest in the loan was great and they took care of everything. After we completed our application, they also helped us with everything we needed to get approved and funded."

The new location at 325 Williams Boulevard, just one block from the river in Kenner's historic Rivertown District, is now the home of Fleur De Lily Rivertown Café and Restaurant.

"We decided to take a chance and invest here along with the financial assistance from OnPath Federal Credit Union. Small businesses are the backbone of America. OnPath was born from the hard work of members, and in turn, we needed your financial assistance to grow. We put the hard work, sweat, and tears into our business and with you, together, we make dreams come true."