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VISA® Platinum Signature

Great Perks Await You When You Get a VISA®Platinum Signature Credit Card

Why settle for ordinary when you can get a VISA® Platinum Signature credit card that works best for you? While a traditional VISA credit card has many benefits to offer, the VISA® Platinum Signature credit card we offer lets you take advantage of every purchase with great rates and amazing perks. Both current and new members of OnPath Federal Credit Union can qualify for this credit card, so don’t hesitate to apply for one today!

What is a Visa Platinum Signature Card?

What makes the Signature card different from our other Visa options? First of all, you have the opportunity to earn rewards just by using your card for normal purchases. Points are added to your account based on the amount you spend; these can then be used to “buy” rewards listed in the program. It’s important to note that while points do accumulate, they expire after a set amount of time.

The Visa Platinum Signature Card also features worldwide travel rewards. Use your points towards amazing low credit union prices to fly to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and more exotic locations.

Due to these additional benefits, applicants need excellent credit in order to qualify. You can think of the perks as a reward for the hard work you put into paying on time and not overspending.

What are the Benefits and Features of the Visa Platinum Signature Credit Card?

Visa Platinum Signature benefits include several highly valuable resources:

  • Various merchant deals
  • Concierge
  • Rental car deals
  • Luxury hotel perks
  • Travel and emergency assistance
  • Extended warranty

You also get all the perks associated with Visa’s Platinum tier:

  • 1% cashback
  • Global acceptance
  • Global ATM network

Of course, Visa also has a series of protections in place to keep your funds and identity secure:

  • Verified by Visa: This feature allows online merchants to verify a card user’s identity before processing a transaction. This means that any fraudster trying to use a stolen number can be stopped before making a single purchase.
  • Fraud Monitoring: The Visa system carefully monitors transactions for suspicious activity and flags purchases that may be fraudulent. Should your information be compromised and fraudulent charges appear on your account, representatives can cancel your card, issue a replacement, and dispute transactions, all at no cost to you.
  • Purchase Alerts: If suspicious activity is found on your card, Visa can send you an email or SMS text message to verify whether you initiated the transaction. This lets you conveniently buy big-ticket items while keeping your funds safe.

The best part is, you get all of these benefits without an annual fee.

Why Choose OnPath Federal Credit Union?

If you want more from your credit card, the Visa Platinum Signature can deliver. The application is simple with OnPath Federal Credit Union’s friendly representatives who are happy to walk you through the process. There’s also no balance transfer fee to worry about. For more information, call us at 800-749-6193 or reach out to us online.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Loan TypeBeginning APR*
Platinum Signature Visa17.50% - 17.95%
Platinum Rewards and Student Visa16.50% - 17.95%
Platinum Low Rate Visa13.15% - 17.75%
Platinum Secured Visa17.95%

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. NEW VISA cardholders are eligible to receive 4.99% APR on all balance transfers and purchases for six (6) months from account opening on all purchases done within the 1st 60 days. Once the transferred balance is paid and/or at the end of the six (6)-month purchase/promotion period, APR will revert to a variable rate between 13.15% and 17.95% based on creditworthiness and WSJ Prime rate. Offer not valid on secured credit cards, student credit cards, or current card balances held with OnPath FCU. Membership eligibility applies. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Visit BeOnPath.org, or call 504.733.7274 for details. Federally insured by the NCUA.

**Rewards, Cash Back, and Signature Travel Perks are only valid on select OnPath FCU Visa Cards.